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CDE R-Series Primary Scalping Unit Provides Significant Fuel Savings

Increasing fuel costs are leading producers to take a fresh look at areas for savings, including updating inefficient plant equipment. While the CDE R-Series™ primary scalping screen has been established as a market leading primary feeding and scalping screening system for wash plants, the future-proof design elements are now particularly relevant given the increased fuel costs. Design considerations include the unique, fully electric drive system delivering maximum return on investment.


The innovative construction of the VibroCentric drive removes unnecessary weight while delivering acceleration up to 5G for enhanced screening performance. Further weight is also removed from the unique screen shaft design and patented side wall technology which eliminates welds and results in a stronger lighter screen which produces the same acceleration as traditional screens while using less power.

It now makes more sense than ever to upgrade from tracked diesel hydraulic scalpers. CDE’s Lead Product Development Engineer, Paul Quinn, describes some of the fuel savings which can be achieved by making the switch: “A typical tracked diesel hydraulic scalper powered by engine generator will use 18 – 20 litres of fuel per hour, while the R4500, when powered by a diesel generator, will use half of this at 10 litres per hour, or 5 litres per hour for the smaller R1500. On average calculations show that our customers can save £35,000 on fuel per year by switching to the R-Series.”

Another efficiency benefit to consider when looking at return on investment is on-going maintenance costs. The all-electric system which powers the R-Series requires less maintenance than a typical diesel hydraulic system and in turn reduce plant downtime.



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