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Prime Technologies started Partnership with Cast Group

In May 2023 Prime Technologies became and official representative for Bulgaria of Cast Group, an innovative Italian manufacturer of compact loaders. These exceptionally practical small machines are very suitable for operation in poultry farms, housing construction and landscaping.

Cast Group manufactures two product lines of compact loaders, offering a large number of models. The Cast Loaders range features articulated frames, cabs and telescopic booms. Where as the Worky Quad have no cabs but just a step for the operator to stand up, with a drive and steering on the principle of the skidsteer loaders.

The compact Cast Loders impress by their remarkably low operating weight. Most models tip the scales from 1,100 kg to 1500 kg. In combination with the articulated frame this makes them a perfect solution for working on a terrain or surface, which has to be preserved, for example in grassing, landscaping and park maintenance. They have a hydrostatic drive and rely on diesel engines by Kubota mainly, but also by Yanmar and Kohler. There is also a model with an electric drive with batteries.

It is specific for Cast Loaders that they do not offer peak digging or breakout forces but their load capacity is impressively high - for almost all models it is commeasurable with the   own weight of the machine. The maximal loading heights are also impressive, from 2.95 m to 3.3 m, due to the telescopic loader arms. The strength of the Cast Loaders is in working above ground, when the load has to be carried or loaded/placed at height.

In their turn, the models from the Worky Quad product line are specialized super compact loaders which are suitable for passing through narrow doors and operation inside buildings.

Both type of loaders, Cast Loaders and Worky Quad, are a perfect addition to the product portfolio of Prime Technologies because they match very well with the Yanmar mini excavator and carrier range, offered by the Bulgarian company.




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