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More power, less fuel: How the new D16 engine was developed

When stricter emissions legislation required Volvo Penta to upgrade its D16 industrial engine, it also took the opportunity to improve its power output and fuel efficiency. Successfully meeting these objectives came down to developing new diesel engine technology and hours of vigorous testing.

The D16 engine has long been Volvo Penta’s most powerful, robust, and versatile engine, ideal for demanding applications such as mining, agriculture and construction. Now the new Stage V/Tier 4F D16 engine – which began production in 2021 – is even more powerful yet. What’s more, it consumes up to ten percent less in fuel.
The upgrade has involved a host of new changes, including the addition of a dual turbo system, and a complete redesign of the fuel system, the cooling system, the water pumps, and the valve cover. However, designing and developing a completely new after-treatment system – to ensure compliance with Stage V/Tier 4 emissions standards – proved the biggest challenge. 
           The addition of an F2 common rail fuel system with dual turbo and intercooler helps optimize performance in order to improve fuel efficiency, while at the same time increasing power and torque. A new oil and cooling system also reduce parasitic loss. Not to forget the extended service intervals for Volvo Penta's D16 engine.
           As with much of Volvo Penta’s product development, vigorous testing – both in laboratories and out in the field with customers – has been a vital part of the process. This includes testing in extreme environments, such as varying climates, altitudes, and operating conditions.
            Once an engine comes back from a field test, the engineers disassemble the entire engine, and carefully inspect and measure each part for abnormal wear and to see the overall condition. It’s a meticulous process where they look at everything, they even make sure that the smallest screw and bolt still hold the correct torque specifications.
The end result is 
an award-winning diesel engine that meets multiple needs and will help customers’ operations become cleaner and more efficient.



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