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Komptech Innovations at IFAT 2022

Komptech presented a number of innovations at IFAT in Munich (May 30th - June 3rd). The high-performance shredder Terminator 5200 direct SL, Lacero 8010 and the latest generation star screen Multistar L3 were presented as innovations.

The new Terminator direct SL was developed in line with the motto “Maximum flexibility with maximum efficiency.” One highlight is the brand new electric drive system that ensures “direct electric” and therefore extremely efficient power transmission to the shredding drum. The flexibility corresponds with that of a hydraulic system, as this enables stepless speed control, effectively combining the best of both worlds.



The drive motors are connected with the planetary gear via a multi-plate clutch. As a result, the drive train is well protected, even in the case of overloading – such as with a drum blockage triggered by large contraries. The combination of drive motor and planetary gear ensures a high torque at the shredding drum, whereby even the most difficult materials can be easily shredded.

Maximum throughput capacity and robust design are the main features of the new Lacero 8010. At the core of the machine is the solid shredder rotor, combined with the 800 HP CAT® C18 motor that complies with the latest exhaust Stage V emissions standards. With this machine, almost any kind of green cuttings and wood can be shredded in the most efficient way. Performance values of 400 m3 per hour in applications for treated waste wood and green cuttings with the simultaneous creation of a highly homogeneous material quality P63 F10 (Austrian standard EN ISO 17225-1) speak for themselves.The rotor design has 16 armored wear plates and enables use on both sides, thereby doubling the service life.

With the L3 “New Generation”, Komptech introduced the third generation of the three-fraction star screening machine in a large format. The machine concept has been completely revised and all areas of the machine have been further improved to offer an ideal all-in-one package. The task remained unchanged: To produce three high-quality fractions composed of a wide variety of input materials, such as compost, waste wood, and biomass, with the simultaneous ejection of contraries.’



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