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Komptech: Efficiency and sustainability with E-drive

Rising energy prices and new legal mandates on CO2 emissions are driving waste industry demand for mobile machines with electric drive, which can be a very good option in many applications. Komptech has continuously built out its shredding and screening portfolio, and already offers over half of its machines in e-mobile or hybrid versions.


Semi-mobile e-drive machines combine the strengths of stationary electric systems, like reduced noise and emissions-free operation, with the flexibility of mobile use. For shredding, Komptech offers various models of the Terminator and Crambo shredders as mobile electric versions, in which highly efficient electric motors drive the drums. Thus, for comparable output they save up to 70 percent of energy costs over conventional machines. The maintenance effort is also much lower than for diesel versions, only about half as much.

Besides an electric motor, there is a protection class IP54 switchgear cabinet that protects the electronics from dust and high ambient temperatures. The integration of the switchgear cabinet directly in the machine enables fast start-up and simplifies work site changes. Those site changes are made by means of hook lift or three-axle trailer.

Komptech also has an extensive selection of electrically driven star and drum screens for screening and separation. For flexible changes between indoor and outdoor use, hybrid models are offered. The power for their electric drive comes either from the grid or from an on-board diesel generator. Due to the higher efficiency of diesel-electric drive, hybrid models still use less energy than diesel-powered hydraulics, and are likewise maintenance-friendlier.


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