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Volvo Penta Highlighted Road to Net-zero at Bauma 2022

With the unveiling of its dual-fuel hydrogen engine as well as the new cube battery at its stand, Volvo Penta’s commitment to sustainable power solutions to meet the industry’s net-zero ambitions was on full display at Bauma 2022 Munich. The company was also highlighting the progress in its services offering, focusing on creating value with customers through connected solutions.

Volvo Penta forms select collaborations and close partnerships as a cornerstone of its business strategy. For example, the integration of the hydrogen system onto Volvo Penta’s D8 engine is part of a partnership with CMB.TECH to establish dual-fuel hydrogen technology as a low-carbon interim solution before suitable zero-emissions alternatives become viable. This demonstrates Volvo Penta’s strategy to remain competitive with today’s offer, while accelerating new sustainable power solutions. The engine uses hydrogen as a renewable fuel source to reduce CO2 emissions by up to 80%, without impacting power, performance or uptime.

Another aspect of Volvo Penta’s transformation journey is its growing foothold in electro-mobility as a system supplier. The company is expanding its electric driveline offer with its new cube battery driveline. It is based on proven Volvo Group technology and offers customers increased installation flexibility as well as a 40% increase in energy density. Volvo Penta’s existing electric driveline, which incorporates its flat-pack battery, has also been improved to deliver a 40% increase in energy density. Both these power solutions are backed by connectivity to help customers actively monitor the health of their drivelines in a predictive way throughout their lifespan.

“The transition to fossil-free power requires a range of solutions and we are working with multiple tracks and scenarios – such as combustion engines using renewable fuels, battery electric and fuel cell electric – to reach the industry’s net-zero goal”, said Anders Konradsson, Vice President of Industrial Sales at Volvo Penta.



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