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First Electronically Controlled Small Industrial Diesel Engine from Kubota

The new D902-K reduces the amount of black smoke to an imperceptible level by a new TVCR combustion system

Kubota Corporation announced the development of D902-K electronically controlled engine (displacement 0.898l) - Kubota's first electronically controlled diesel engine below 19 kW. This new D902-K will bolster Kubota's diesel engine line as it corresponds to various regional emission standards, including Stage V (Europe) and EPA Tier 4 (North America), and its compact size facilitates switching from current Kubota engines.

The new model is а 3-cylinder and 18.5 kW engine. Kubota meets the diverse needs of construction/industrial machinery manufacturers from around the world for such engines. The D902-K saves users of Kubota current engines from the need to develop new machinery to accommodate changes in dimensions and/or structures of new engines and is capable of complying with the latest emission standards (output of below 19 kW) around the world. This new D902-K uses the same external dimensions, locations of ports , engine mount, and PTO as the current model, thus facilitating easy model upgrades

Equipped with a one-of-a-kind common rail system developed exclusively for small engines, electronically-controlled D902-K comes with a new combustion system, TVCR. The end result is that it is compact and easy to mount, with clean emissions and low fuel consumption. The amount of black smoke is reduced to an imperceptible level at start, acceleration, and a rapid increase in workload. Also the new D902-K consumes about 5% less fuel than the current conventional model.

Controlled electronically, the new D902-K is capable of communicating via CAN, thus allowing engine speed and torque to be controlled using signals from machines. Engine operating data, which are essential for telematics service, can be acquired via CAN.


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