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Aggregate Screening on Fuel or Electricity

In some mobile screeners, like most of Lokotrack ST models, you can have both electricity and diesel as your power source options. What does it mean to have a hybrid screener and what benefits are there?

Hybrid screening equipment has a set of electric motors and pumps located inside the Lokotrack ST chassis that can be used for running the screen and other process functions. For Lokotrack ST’s the feature is optional, and called “Bi-Power”. Using one doesn’t really differ much from a diesel-driven screen. The main thing is that there is a selector switch so you can choose between diesel and electricity for the screening process. Tracking of the unit is always performed with diesel.

Even though there isn’t much of a difference in the actual usage of the screen, choosing hybrid or Bi-Power screen has its advantages. Typically, the price of electricity is lower compared to diesel, so there is a chance for savings in operating costs.

Another benefit is interesting especially for those who operate in urban areas or otherwise in circumstances that are regulated in terms of noise and emissions. Depending on how the electricity is generated, the hybrid solution can reduce both and help meet the requirements of a certain contract. Reduced emissions also have a positive impact on the working environment for the personnel on the site.

In cases where there is a combination of several diesel-electric units operating together, it could be possible to run a Bi-Power ST from another Lokotrack crusher unit. This means replacing two diesel engines with one, further reducing the operating costs.

However, as the Bi-Power version has both diesel and electricity always available, the user can select which one to use at any time according to their needs.



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