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XP200 and XP600 New Hydraulic Breakers by Promove

​​​​Demolition S.r.l. is pleased to present to the global market its two new born: XP200 and XP600 which will complete the medium – light series of Promove hydraulic breakers. The 230 kg “Xp200” hammer is a very versatile breaker suitable for machines ranging from 2.5 to 5.2 tons; it optimally works with flow rates of 60 l/min and has been designed to optimize the matching with mini excavators belonging to the “extra flow” category. The hammer has a larger piston compared to other models on the market thus ensuring higher productivity than its competitors of the same range. The Xp200 breaker will replace its ancestor Xp250, still on the market while supplies last.

But the true innovation at Promove is the XP600, a 600 kg hammer, the perfect match for excavators from 7 to 15 tons. The XP600 completes the medium range of Promove breakers ensuring great performances as “Rocky on the ring”. Greater productivity is guaranteed thanks to the 90mm tool diameter, oversized piston and impact energy of 1917 joules. The lower number of internal moving components of XP600 ensures lower production costs and makes maintenance interventions faster.

Thus, Promove completes its range of medium – light series of hydraulic breakers and starts planning its next breaker to be brought into the ring of the international competition.


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