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High Job Flexibility with Komptech Terminator Xtron

The high-efficiency Terminator Xtron from Komptech shreds all sorts of materials down to an adjustable grain size. Whether waste wood, green cuttings or household, bulky or commercial waste, this new Terminator version’s high-standing teeth and powerful motor - to the latest exhaust standard - enable it to handle practically any shredding task. Users and contractors benefit from this, as it enables them to react more flexibly and economically to changing orders.

The Terminator Xtron has a newly developed shredding unit to ensure good intake and efficient shredding with constant output quality. It features 16 specially designed and noticeably longer drum teeth, with a respectable 1.17 m outside diameter. The high-standing teeth give constant intake even with bulky waste or green cuttings. The larger outside diameter prevents wraparounds that would otherwise interrupt shredding. 17 teeth on the counter comb boost shredding performance. The cutting gap between the drum and comb is hydraulically adjustable, and stays constant once set. The degree of shredding can thus be adjusted to give the ideal, consistent grain size for downstream processing. A comb system can be used if needed for even finer grains.

By comparison with its stablemates in the Komptech Terminator series, the Terminator Xtron has a stronger hydraulic drive and improved control technology. The two-sided drum drive that comes as standard, ensures plenty of torque for materials that are difficult to shred.

The load-dependent speed control automatically adjusts the drum speed and force to fit the material. Under high loading this gives the machine 40 percent more torque, making easy and efficient work of even the toughest materials.



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