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Preventive Maintenance and Cost Optimization with Metso Metrics

Metso Metrics technology for aggregates customers helps monitor, maintain and manage clients’ crushers and screens. Connected equipment is ensured by many advanced sensors installed on each plant, tracking various elements around the performance of the machine. An intuitive interface, accessible through any internet-connected device, allows the customer to know exactly what is happening with their equipment 24/7.

From Metso Metrics, users can see key data for their whole fleet connected to Metrics. When logged in, the user can see right away the combined data from their fleet in KPI (key performance indicator) windows. This includes fleet operating hours, fuel/power consumption, next maintenance events and machine location for each machine.

Users can also open and see machine specific data sheets by clicking a particular machine from their fleet. From there, users can see how the machine has been running each day during the time it has been connected to Metso Metrics. Data shown for the machines are operating hours, fuel/power consumption, upcoming maintenance events, maintenance log, alarm log, parameter changes and machine location. If belt scales are installed, then it’s also possible to show tonnage data in Metso Metrics from the machine. Users can run different reports from their fleet or on specific machines in Metso Metrics. Also, users can order email notifications for upcoming maintenance events and active alarms about which users want to be notified.


  • Helps a company to identify underperforming assets and training opportunities for continuous improvement. With access to the right data, a firm can take appropriate actions for improved utilization rates and operational efficiency.
  • Helps to reduce routine site checks and manual reporting by providing remote visibility and reporting on the condition and performance of a company’s productive crushing and screening assets.
  • Helps to lower a business’s inventory costs by mapping out which parts are required for upcoming service events. A firm can stay on top of its equipment needs and make sure it has the right parts available at the right time, helping to control maintenance and upfront inventory costs.


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