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Kubota entering into the 300hp segment

Kubota Corporation announced that it has started the development of a new large displacement industrial diesel engine S7509, which will comply to EU Stage V regulations. Kubota has taken measures to comply with the various needs from construction and industrial manufactures, and holds a top share of the global market for industrial engines of up to 100hp. In addition to the introduction of V5009 which development was announced in 2017, Kubota will enforce and expand the line up to becoming the world No. 1 industrial engine manufacturer in the up to 300hp segment.

The new Kubota S7509 diesel engine is designed for high performance with low fuel consumption. The Japanese engineers not only optimize the combustion for the high output but achieving the top level of low fuel consumption compared to other engine in the same power range. The design is very compact to allow very simple installing. S7509 has two power take off (PTO) options which provides flexibility in the machine side engineering design and features for the easy maintenance for the users.

The engine has 6 cylinders, 7.5 l displacement and 228.4 kW/310.6 hp power output. In order to comply with EU Stage V, Kubota relies on Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) - the technology used to clean nitrogen oxides (NOx) from exhaust emissions discharged from diesel engines. Also a diesel particulate filter is used. The exhaust after-treatment device (DPF) is designed to capture diesel particulate matter from the exhaust gas of a diesel engine, which is a necessary technology to comply with the most stringent requirement, EU Stage V regulation. The EU Stage V regulation that started from 2019 / 2020 and limits strictly the particulate numbers.

Mass production is set to begin in 2023.


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